Owner/Summer Camp Lead

Becky is a North County native that has always had a love for art and crafts. She grew up in Encinitas and never planned on owning a ceramic studio, but here she is 22 years later and loving every minute of it. She loves giving people a fun and welcoming place to tap into their creativity. Becky also teaches clay enrichment classes in the Poway school district. You can often catch Becky in the studio teaching her employees new tricks and techniques. You can also be sure to find her in the studio every weekday of the summer teaching our incredible summer camp!



Manager/Summer Camp Lead/IT Gal

Camrie started working at Clay n' Latte as a young teenager and now, years later she helps run the place! You can find her doing a number of different things in the studio, including hosting birthday parties, running summer camp, helping out customers, and so much more. Camrie knows lots about the technical aspects of firing, kilns, as well as techniques. If you ever want to learn something new, she is your gal. Her favorite event we do each year is the Ornament Tent we have at the Winterfest in Downtown Vista. Her favorite part about working here is helping people bring out their creative side.

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Team Member

Yazzy has been a part of the Clay n Latte fam for 2 years now! Her favorite thing to do in the studio is glass fusing. Her favorite part about working here is all of the people she gets to interact with and the super fun staff! She also loves working birthday parties and summer camp. Her favorite technique to teach is the bubble technique and the rubber stamp tapestries. Yazzy can usually be found in the kiln room or helping people out at the paint bar.



Team Member

Amanda has been working at Clay n Latte for almost 2 years now! Fun fact about Amanda is that when she was 10 she attended our amazing kids camp we have here over the summertime! Her favorite part about her job is that she gets to help people create some pretty awesome pieces. The amount of supplies and techniques we offer really help people who aren't as creative make something awesome. Her favorite technique is the bubble technique, it's messy but what's art without a little mess?



Team Member

Hailee has been working at the studio for a year now. She was our quarantine hire! She trained one day before the shutdown in March of 2020, and we are so thankful we were able to keep her on board. Hailee is great with kids and loves helping out the little ones in our summer camp. Her favorite technique would have to be the funwriters because they are so simple for everyone to use.