Create your own glass masterpiece! No experience needed!

Glass fusing may be initially intimidating to some, but our trained staff is here to help you through the process of creating a beautiful glass masterpiece!
Not to be confused with glass blowing, glass fusing is the art of cutting and arranging glass into a pleasing design, affixing the glass together with a kiln-safe glue, and then we fire the glass for you to literally fuse everything into one piece of glass.
We have many examples, ideas, colors, and even a few kits in store! Glass prices are below and may vary depending on add-ons used or other variables.



we reserve the right to change these prices at any time


4 inch Fused Glass Tile


Fused Glass Nightlight


6 inch Fused Glass Tile


8 inch Fused Glass Tile


10 inch Fused Glass Tile


Fused Glass Lantern


Dichroic Glass Jewelry


Non-Dichroic Pendants