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Scout Parties

Teaching Scouts about Pottery for 20 years!

Help your Scouts learn about the ceramic arts with us at Clay 'N Latte'!

We have been dedicated to scouts since our open and have not raised the price on our Scout Parties in two decades. We believe children are our future, and creativity is something that can improve our society!


At every hour long Scout Party, each scout picks one small ceramic item and learns about ceramic glazes and the firing process. They also get to either pour a mold of a small ceramic figurine or learn how to make a clay pinch pot (dependent on size of group and availability). Lastly, each scout party is given a tour of our kiln room and learn about how raw clay becomes a glazed, beautiful work of art!


Our Scout parties fulfill the requirements for Girl Scouts to earn their "Potter" badge (as of 7/2018) and will help fulfill some of the requirements for a Boy Scout on their way to earning the "Pottery Merit Badge" (as of 7/2018).