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Pottery Painting

Who can paint?

Anyone! Ages 0-150 can paint in one way or another! We make it easy for anyone to have access to art and paint, no matter age, phyiscal limitations, or skill level.

What  paint do you use?
When will my pottery be ready to pick up?

We use high quality, non-toxic glazes that conform to ASTM D4236 and are safe for use with food. We only purchase from trusted suppliers and do all firing in house so we know exactly what products are used on each piece.

Your finished item will be ready for pick up in 6 days.

What do you have to paint?

We have a wide variety of items to choose from! We have bowls, plates, mugs/cups, figurines, kitchen accessories, pet accessories, banks, you name it! We shift our inventory frequently and pride ourselves on our wide selection. We also stock seasonal, and every so often we stock vintage-mold pottery from a local source that has been hand-cleaned and fired by our staff!

Is the pottery dishwasher/microwave safe?

We always recommend hand washing your art as the glazes we use are non-toxic and do not use lead binders, they are more suceptible to damage from intense conditions. We also recommend microwaving in small periods at a time and using caution as the item may get very hot!